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What if I told you, you could GEO-Farm 250 homes in the neighbor of your choice with no PRINTING or POSTAGE COST for as little as $9.95/mo.

What if I told you, we can guarantee results or the service is FREE!

We are excited to tell you about our new revolutionary GEO-Farming product. NO MORE PRINTING or POSTAGE COST! As you know, an agent’s ability to convert prospects into clients and generate new leads could be the difference between a top-tier business and a struggling one.  

We want to introduce our new GEO-Farming E-mail Program to you:

Geographic Farming-Listing Generation Program




Looking forward to working with you in reaching your 2016 goals. (ie. more listings, more sales, etc.).

Your List Development Team


  • PremiumPackageBoxPre-NOD’s (30,60,90 day late)
  • FHA/VA Refinance Leads w/phone
  • Renter Leads with Phone & Score
  • Harp 2.0 prospects
  • Short Sale prospects
  • Reverse Mortgage prospects
  • Foreclosure prospects -NOD, NTDS & REO
  • Data Enhancement – append addresses-get phone or email addresses
  • Conforming/Non-Conforming Loans
  • Target Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac
  • Agent E-mail Marketing
  • Homeowner E-mail Marketing
  • Yes … we have monthly subscriptions available!
  • Yes … we have single purchases available.
  • Yes … we have cell phone numbers!


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