How to decide which homes to look at

Looking at homes can feel overwhelming; how do you know which property to choose? You can limit this stress by limiting the number of properties you look at to only those you know are real possibilities. Here are some ways to narrow your search and focus in on a property that is a good match for you.
Identify your dealbreakers. Are there property characteristics that you simply must have, or absolutely cannot live with? Identify these first, and make a clear list. It doesn’t need to be a large list, just a clear one. If you absolutely do not want to care for a swimming pool, then a house with a pool should be a dealbreaker. If you simply must have room for a garden, then a house surrounded by concrete is going to be a dealbreaker. Don’t feel like you’re missing out by creating this list; you’re only missing out on a headache.
Set your priorities. These are less firm than dealbreakers, but still important. Identify which characteristics you’re looking for, and how important they are. Less important items can go at the bottom of the list, and are easily negotiable. Houses that have no dealbreakers, but meet few of your big priorities should probably be crossed off your list. Look at them if you like, but remember that these properties are not as likely to be what you want to spend money on.
 Consider if you need room to grow. When drawing up lists of priorities and dealbreakers, take some time to figure out if you need extra space in your new home. If you are starting a family (or thinking about it), or have a family with growing children, buy for the space you will need in the future, not the space you need now. It’s easier to grow into a house than to expand the house to meet your needs.  
Hope you found this article helpful.  Give me a call if you have any questions. 

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